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Quranic Linguistics 4: Quranic Eloquence - Intro Arabic Rhetoric (al-Balaghah)

ByFahimuddin Fahmy Qazi

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Quranic Linguistics 4 Quranic Eloquence is all about the amazing eloquence of the Quran. This is an an advanced Arabic linguistics textbook. Let's travel 1400 years into the history to witness the powerful and awe-inspiring impact of Quran on the people of Arabia as it was being delivered by the last Prophet of God, Muhammad ﷺ! This challenging and multi-disciplinary textbook integrates all major disciplines of Arabic linguistics (semantics, morphology, grammar, syntax, rhetoric, etc.). It dives deep into the ocean of Quranic eloquence (balaghah) with the help of sophisticated linguistic tools and knowldge to unfold the beauty of Quranic Arabic! After all the hard work acquiring the intricate details of advanced Quranic morphology (QL3) and Quranic grammar (QL2), you're now ready to taste the sweet fruit! Master Quranic Arabic like a Quranic commentator (مفسر)! Dive deep into the ocean of advanced Arabic linguistics & enjoy the intricate details of theoretical linguistics while applying knowledge/skills to hundreds verses of the Quran! If you need rigorous academic & scholarly understanding of Arabic, Quran, and Islam, if you're aspiring to be an imam, scholar, teacher, or researcher, this is a must-have book! Free Teacher Training and Certification is avialable at (click on the Teach tab). *IMPORTANT* Please Do NOT begin with this challenging Advanced linguistics book unless you have completed ALL previous courses in this series. Before ordering, search online for discount coupons for Lulu books! Search for discount coupons online before purchasing.


Publication Date
Mar 20, 2011
Education & Language
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Fahimuddin Fahmy Qazi


Interior Color
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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