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It is Called... Being Wrong in all the Right Ways.


This book may not be suitable for children. Anybody of any religion can read this! It is about being a Christian, but also living in freedom. Ever thought that the religious life-style would suck? You know, fear of going to hell, having to watch your every move to make sure you are not doing wrong, having to put prayer and church and the Bible in your life? Well, if images like that flash into your mind, this books for you. Because anybody who misunderstands the pure joy of Christianity and thinks that they will not be free if they serve God, is, very, very, confused. People misunderstand that living a life of sin and anger and selfishness, is being free. Because in that case you are slaved to sin and not righteousness. Give this book a chance, look at the preview. No matter who you are, this book will set your soul free. SO free. The main lesson of the book altogether, is, God has a godly version of every sin, and it is 100 times or more amazingly better but you HAVE to ask God, not make it up yourself.


Publication Date
Aug 12, 2013
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Fallon



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