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Islam Faces Its Critics

ByFaouzi ben Ali Alghadiri

Why Islam is the most criticized religion in the world? Are the other religions better that Islam? What about the religions of those who criticize Islam? Why the critics of Islam don't say all the truth? This new book will tell you all the truth, it will make the comparison between Islam and the religions of the critics of Islam. An example of the entire truth that some people don't want you to know: The critics of Islam criticize this great faith because the prophet Muhammad married Aisha when she was just 9 years old!! but they don't say that Judaism allows the marriage of the Jewish man with the girl when she is only 3 years and one day old!!! WHY? Why they speak only about Islam and defame it's image and incite people against it?? this book will answer this question and many other questions with detailed proofs and a lot of scientific informations. (by the way, in the USA it self, in the year 1885, the LAW allowed the sexual intercourse with a 7 to 10 years old girl!!! you will find more in this book!)


Publication Date
May 22, 2010
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Faouzi ben Ali Alghadiri



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