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The Life of St. Paul of the Cross

Founder of the Congregation of Discalced Clerks of the Holy Cross and Passion of Our Lord, Usually Called Passionists

ByFather Pius a Sp. Sancto

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The lives of saints are great sermons. They preach the Gospel by their deeds, and their preaching is perpetuated by their history. The note of sanctity in the Church gets its fullest expression in their characters, and the attraction of their various spirits is often the occasion of their reproduction. A philosophical reader of a saint's life looks for three things in the book before him: he wants to see the personal sanctity of the subject, its effects, and its imitableness. The life of Saint Paul of the Cross presents these three aspects in a striking manner; for, although it may have defects in the narrative, the events narrated cannot be injured by them. His personal sanctity was of the highest order, for his was a long life of heroic self-abnegation, blessed with the choicest favours of Heaven; and yet, when we examine it closely, it fits together so admirably, that no single feature could be omitted from the picture without destroying his true likeness. It was a life of consistency from beginning to end; it had no fits or starts, no glaring events, no extraordinary changes; and even its most wonderful manifestations were nothing but what might be expected from what went before. It was supremely simple. He loved his crucified Lord, and resolved to be as like Him as he could.


Publication Date
Jun 16, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Father Pius a Sp. Sancto


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Black & White
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