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Victory in the Invisible Realms

Walk with God, Crush the Devil, and Fulfil Your Destiny

ByFelix Ishola

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We are constantly influenced by invisible spiritual realities. It might be a feeling that an unseen person is watching over us, a sensation that someone or something is working behind the scene to help or hinder us, or just a knowing that life is beyond what meets the eye. But do we have the power to determine how the spiritual world affects us personally? Felix Ishola believes that we do and has written this book to that effect. He challenges us to take control of our lives by taking charge of the invisible realties that constantly influence us. He states how we can see the invisible, hear the inaudible and feel the untouchable. He discusses how we can relate intimately with the invisible God, deal decisively with the devil, and harness the power of faith to change our lives and break free from the shackles of defeat. Felix also helps you to see that God is nearer than you think – He is with you, He is for you and He is in you. Having gone through many trials of faith himself, he knows from personal experience that it is possible to tap into the matchless power of God and enjoy consistent victories by faith. And God is not expecting us to be the producers of our faith, He gives faith as a gift of grace. Victory in the Invisible Realms is a practical guide that teaches how one can revel in the warm embrace of God and enjoy fun-filled moments of laughter with Him wherever one is and in whatever one does. It proves that God is not an abstract personality who is never around when needed. You can go out with Him for a stroll, sit down with Him on a dining table or work with Him on your office desk. These fresh truths concerning faith and the spiritual life will inspire you to always see the invisible God, be His friend and walk with Him irrespective of the situation that you are in.


Publication Date
Jul 26, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Felix Ishola


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