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Stress and Well-Being 2.0

ByFrancesco AttanasioFerdinando Pellegrino

In this Book we'll try to answer to the following questions: What can I do to have confidence in myself? How can I enhance my knowledge by studying? How do I recognize and properly handle my emotions? How am I supposed to be happy with the way I organize my life? How can I overcome my feelings of internal malaise and anxiety? What can I do to avoid being influenced by others, managing to express my opinions effectively? How can I face my difficulty in making decisions and being functional at work and in every social context? How can I succeed in being positive in the face of life difficulties? What can I do when I'm in panic? How can I be able to solve my problems rather than wasting energy? How can I react when I don't feel up to the situation anymore? How can I manage to react to the unexpected without panicking? How can I deal with anxiety when hinder me to be active and productive? What is the way to be able to accept me with all my faults? ...and many other.


Publication Date
Oct 13, 2019
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Francesco Attanasio, By (author): Ferdinando Pellegrino



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