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The Cross And The World System - Paperback by Festus Ndukwe

The Cross And The World System - Paperback by Festus Ndukwe

ByFestus Ndukwe

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Over the years, my spirit has been greatly grieved and incensed against sin and worldliness in the Church and in the world, and recently in mission circles. If we are to look for a breed of disciples, the mission establishment ought to be the place to find them. The reason is because it is a barrack where soldiers are pummeled, fit into shape and camped in readiness to fight the Lord’s battles. By all standards and as torch bearers, these ‘soldiers’ ought not to have any- thing to do with the world. Painfully, this has not been so. Some of these ‘soldiers’ and their children now crave to look good, attractive, fashionable and comfortable. We know God has not ditched missionaries to suffer seclusion and daily denials but they must not crave the dainties of the world. Weakened by the world, certain missionaries these days can no longer run like a deer to take on the enemy of sin, unbelief and idolatry on the mission field. Some have become lame ducks. We boast about great strategies and fanciful words but no power to transform communities and nations for Christ. The larger Church on the other hand has been greatly blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and material wealth but greatly short-changed in the life, power and character of Christ. This is because of their espousal to the world. I have also seen a world that is increasingly given over to iniquity- with little influence from a Church that is supposed to be its salt and light. Never has the world been so wicked and so worldly! You can see this in our streets, campuses, businesses, parasatals and ministries, and in the corridors of power. As I pondered over different issues that affect the Church and her battle for righteousness, I discovered something in my very heart that had not found ad- equate expression, hence this book. The lack of Christian commitment, spiritual fervor and power in the Church has been a subject of concern. I have often mourned over the apathy of Christians towards releasing themselves for cross-cultural or foreign missions. I believe that deliverance from the world system is very strategic to effective and enduring ministry, and the CROSS is the way to this deliverance. A mere glance at the title of this book may tempt some people to dismiss it at as a subject for young believers. Do not fall snare to this temptation.


Publication Date
Jun 7, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Festus Ndukwe


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