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Real-Life Spankings: Volume 10


Explicit Content
This collection of the Flogmaster's spankings stories inspired by real life include: *An Educational Mother* (F/ff) A woman tells of her mother's strict approach to education. *What's One Extra Butt?* (M/f5m4) In the 1950s, a girl finds herself whipped along with a bunch of other teens at a friend's family reunion. *Bullied In Private School* (fx12/f) At a private school in the old days, a girl is punished by her older classmates. *Cousin Caned* (FFM/f) When an American boy visits relatives in England, he's treated to the sight of his beautiful older cousin spanked and caned. *Didn't Really Hurt* (M/f) A boy watches his friend's sister get the belt. *Fighting the Spanking* (M/F) A mother sacrifices herself to educate her daughter about the benefits of discipline. *Grandparent Visits* (MF/ffm) A girl remembers being spanked by her grandparents. *I Experienced Both* (MMF/f) A girl describes her contrasting disciplinary experiences in America and in England. *I Got My Cousin Spanked* (F/f) A girl watches her cousin get a spanking. *Joining the Others* (M/Ffffm) In the 1950s, truant officers dispense immediate justice. *Making It Fun* (M/MMmmffff) A family plays games with real consequences. *New Friend* (F/f) A girl gets spanked in front of her new friend. *Pent-Up Spankings* (MF/mff) A man writes about the unusual punishments of his childhood. *Red Bottom* (M/ff) Sisters accept spankings in order to be allowed to wear shorts. *Saw a Girl's Whipped Butt* (M/f) A girl shows a boy her whip marks. *She Insisted I Spank Her Daughter* (M/f) A man's landlady insists he spank her daughter after the girl steals from him. *Spanked at Church* (M/f) When a girl throws a tantrum at church, her daddy paddles her in front of everyone. *Spanked for Laughing* (MF/mf) A girl mocks her cousin's red butt and gets one of her own. *Spanked In Front of Girls* (F/m) A teen boy recalls frequent spankings by his mother's friend in front of her teen daughters. *Spanked Together* (FF/fm) When a teen boy and girl are naughty, their mothers take turns spanking them. *Spanked With Girlfriend* (MF/mf) A young couple are caught by his girlfriend's mom doing something inappropriate. *Still Spanked* (F/f) A grown girl explains how her mother still spanks her and how she's fine with that. *Switched by Friend's Mom* (F/ff) A girl remembers getting switched by her friend's mom. *The Girl Next Door* (M/f) A boy watches a girl get a whipping.


Publication Date
Mar 6, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Flogmaster



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