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Twelve of the Best: Volume 71


Explicit Content
This collection of the Flogmaster's best short stories includes the following: ***A Smiling Ass*** A girl and guy meet and it's a *hot* time for both. ***Cocky*** A former headmaster longs to spank his much younger girlfriend, but he's afraid she'll be frightened off. ***Coming Back to Bite Her*** When a woman returns to her alma mater with the goal of enrolling her children, she has to pay for a childhood crime to get her old principal to agree. ***Creation of a Dom*** When a teacher asks a prefect to cane her, it starts the girl on a whole new path. ***Custom Built*** An artist builds a custom paddle for a client. ***Interruption*** A man interrupts a college girl's paddling and to her mortification, is asked to help serve justice. ***The Matron*** Two schoolboys live in terror of their dormitory's matron, who rules their house with a heavy bath brush and whippy cane, until one night they discover her being caned by the headmaster. ***Not Allowed*** A cheeky girl provokes a new teacher into spanking her without permission. ***Paddled Principal*** The new elementary school principal discovers she's subject to regular discipline. ***Six Months*** After moving back home, a grown woman asks her mother to resume weekly maintenance spankings to encourage her to save money so she can get her own place. ***Spanked Like a Man*** A woman gets trapped in a spanking machine that thinks she is someone else. ***Tease Was Warned*** When a slut tries to seduce a man, he warns her he has other things in mind, but she doesn't heed.


Publication Date
Mar 6, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Flogmaster



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