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Twelve of the Best: Volume 72


Explicit Content
This collection of the Flogmaster's best short stories includes the following: ***Asking For a Spanking*** When his sexy stepdaughter begs him to spank her, a new stepfather can't resist and gets into a world of trouble. ***At That Age*** When a girl is finally big enough for spanking, she gets a demonstration in a spanking machine. ***Double the Pain and Twice the Fun*** After getting paddled at school yet again and anticipating further punishment at home, a growing girl is depressed when she realizes that her future holds more discipline than ever. ***Good Canings*** A girl terrified of the cane learns to love it. ***How I Got Ten Minutes on the Spanking Machine*** A schoolgirl tells about how she got the worst spanking ever. ***Lines of Fire*** When a girl gets in trouble at a sleepover, she's so afraid of getting whipped at home she begs to be punished at her friend's -- unaware that her friend now gets the cane. ***Real Versus Fake*** Two schoolgirls compare their spankings and one discovers she's never really been properly spanked. ***Rule Change*** A naughty schoolgirl's bad day results in increased misery for all her classmates. ***Saturday Nights Are For Whipping*** A large family handles weekly corrections on Saturday nights. ***The Spanking Strap*** A girl describes the way she gets whipped. ***Stepsister*** When her new stepfather explains that he spanks for punishment, a girl's stepsister volunteers to demonstrate receiving a spanking. ***Too Hard*** When a girl argues to her teacher that he spanks her more than others, he claims to be doing her a favor.


Publication Date
Mar 6, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Flogmaster



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