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Twelve of the Best: Volume 78


Explicit Content
This collection of the Flogmaster's best short stories includes the following: ***A Modern Flogging*** A man watches his teenage neighbor get an old-fashioned flogging. ***A Teacher Visits*** In the early 20th century, a homebound schoolgirl is horrendously punished for neglecting her studies. ***Back in the Good Old Days*** A grandmother tells her granddaughter about her childhood spankings. ***Delicate*** A big girl is afraid of the cane. ***An Irresistible Urge*** An older brother can't resist spanking his sister. ***No Room For Compromise*** A girl begs to get out of her grounding, but doesn't like the painful alternative. ***Not a Big Deal*** A tough girl doesn't seem to mind her school canings. ***Odd Cousin Out*** A girl is teased and spanked by her male cousins. ***Paddle or the Cane*** After a school fight, a girl has to decide who should punish her, her dad with his holey paddle or her grandmother with her wicked cane. ***Sunday Night Boredom*** When a woman is bored, it doesn't bode well for her callipygian stepdaughter. ***Three Fat-Bottomed Girls*** A boy moves in with his aunt and cousins and discovers the joys of plump rumps in need of frequent spanking. ***Two for Tea*** In older times, twin girls are punished by their mother and her lady friend.


Publication Date
Mar 6, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Flogmaster



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