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Twelve of the Best: Volume 86


Explicit Content
This collection of the Flogmaster's best short stories includes the following: ***A Daily Routine*** A school disciplinarian's routine is thrown off by three rebels. ***Afternoon Coffee*** When her mother has a friend over, it's litte Cindy who is the star of the show. ***An Alarming Day*** A schoolgirl's prank earns her the cane and she's terrified -- until she discovers she likes it! ***Beating the Scamp at Her Own Game*** A headmaster severely thrashes an irritating girl. ***The Cost of Clothing*** A girl breaks the school dress code and pays the price. ***Kept After School*** A mother discovers her daughter and her friends were kept after school for discipline. ***Math Verus English*** Students can't figure out why a sweet teacher is suddenly on the warpath, spanking for every tiny fault. ***My BFF's Brother*** A teen gets spanked by her friend's brother and finds she doesn't mind it. ***Poker Night*** When a girl gets paddled at school, her dad's poker buddies volunteer to help teach him how to discipline her, much to her dismay. ***The Rocketship*** An autistic boy watches his new stepsister get spanked. ***The Mansen Family*** A girl tells her friend about the spankings she got growing up. ***You Will Be Caned*** A girl has to decide if being with her friend is worth a caning.


Publication Date
Mar 6, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Flogmaster



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