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A Woman's Guide To... (Diaper Version)

Taking You Relationship To The Next Level

ByGwendoline SummersRosalie Bent

Gwendoline Summers has a special style of writing to women about some of the unique options available to them. She knows what it is like to baby her husband. Her first book is a guide to other women seeking to take their partner in hand and make them the baby they both need him to be. This is not an enforced babying guide, but rather one to help women who already KNOW that their partners need the security of nappies, a dummy and a babyish lifestyle, to achieve that goal. The second book covers the subject in a more extensive way about making your partner into a Sissy Baby - a baby girl And the third book brings up an interesting question: is potty training a thing of the past and is it time to reject it both for your partner and yourself? This book is not just for women with AB partners but for ALL women whether their partners are AB or not! She takes it step by step on how to slowly get your partner into nappies and other baby items. If your partner is AB then you are already partway there, but if they are non-AB, this book is still for you. It is a guidebook along a journey of letting our men express the infancy inside that is so often just beneath the surface.


Publication Date
Apr 6, 2022
Social Science
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By (author): Gwendoline Summers, Edited by: Rosalie Bent, Edited by: Michael Bent, By (author): Maggie Joyce, By (author): Florence Grant



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