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figth the virus

Byflormarinna calderón

Today the world suffers from labor pains, the anguish is everywhere on earth. Fear and fear is the one who walks the streets. These are difficult times that many of us did not expect. Each one prepares herself morning, afternoon and night with her protection elements to go out. It has become customary to wear a mask, gloves. The news speaks only of numerical values, how much did I get, how much did the virus rise or fall? The reports that invade the front page media daily are COVID-19. The economy plummeted, towards its biggest decline, with no hope of rising again. But some more alive take advantage of the world crisis to increase the value of their products. Who controls this? No one. Everyone wants to take advantage, if there is no gel or protection elements, people get it and if you don't buy it you can die. Someone has asked: ¿Was this predestined to happen one day? I answer them: Yes. The bible that many do not want to see, or search, or read, or listen to, I speak, I prophesy. Difficult times would come, times when the earth suffered plagues and diseases. ¿So why did the disease surprise us? because the people have not been prepared in spiritual wisdom and knowledge. This book will give you all the information about the DEADLY VIRUS. many do not know its truth, I guarantee it is a disease, a plague; but Jesus Christ revealed the secrets to us and if COVID-19 can be overcome. Thank you. 7. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be plagues, and famines, and earthquakes in different places. Matthew 24: 7


Publication Date
Jul 16, 2020
Science & Medicine
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Original author: flormarinna calderón



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