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Miss Match: A Seriously Funny Look at Dating

ByFrances Rostick, Audrey LaChance

Read the unbelievable true stories of two best friends and their search for the fabled “one” (no, not Jesus. Wrong book). From destroying a boyfriend’s multi-million dollar house attempting to use a dishwasher to tales of love on the high seas, these are not the pedestrian adventures of a buttoned-up “Rules” girl. These girls playing hard to get? Please. Things get completely out of control when Frances and Audrey pair up. The two friends met over sousaphones in the college marching band (a surprising hotbed of talented kissers). Perpetual wing-women, the girls continue to hold each other’s hair back and egg one another on to creating the next chapter. The specialty adventure of these ladies is to pack up a carload of vodka and high heels and hit the road. They’ve had Prozac-popping princes and hairy-backed frogs; they’ve dated men of all shapes, sizes, and levels of mental stability. But did they ever find him—the one who sparks their flame?


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Frances Rostick, Audrey LaChance



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