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Memoirs of a Young Mennonite Girl...Stories From the Farm

ByFrances Royal

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This is a compilation of the wonderful memories – the part of my childhood that was spent on my grandparent’s farm. They had a very strong belief system, but they also believed in fun and good times. Maybe by reading this book, an inspiration of zest for life can be achieved by the reader. This was an age when the grass was greener and the world was gentler to the human soul. My grandparents led me with their humble ways – ways that are hard to understand in this “me” generation. These were the ways that made people stand in the shadows to let someone else shine. Hard work was no stranger to these people. It was also a much harsher time, when things were done quite differently than today.It contains the history of the Amish religion as well as actual happenings within an Amish family as perceived by a young Mennonite girl. Most events are factual, though names have been changed. May you sit back, relax, enjoy, and let me take you to a world where you have perhaps never ventured before.


Publication Date
Nov 18, 2006
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Frances Royal


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