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Getting the Faith that Produces Knock-out Victories in Life

ByFrancis Kintu

None, other than the Lord Jesus Himself, says that all things are possible for them that believe (Mk. 9:23). All - not one or two things! If you want to be a victorious, prosperous and successful Christian, whose life is evidenced by signs and wonders of God’s supernatural hand, His love, care and faithfulness, you must be a man/woman of great faith. No great achievements can be made in life without deep faith in God and the integrity of His word. Yet having faith means much more than believing that God can or will do it. Find out in this book why. Find out how you can acquire the faith gift, exercise it and how to use it to knock out mountains and secure victories in all areas of life. Find out how to grow in faith and to reach that level of trust in God that pushes a believer beyond the limits of his/her dreams. Find out how you can live a life of deep conviction that drives you to hold on to the Word of God come rain or sun, day or night, hail or storm - and conquer your world.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Francis Kintu



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