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An End-Time Church Manifesto

ByFred London

Both the wine and the wineskin are equally critical to the Church in order to provide the corporate delivery system, which will be required at the end of the age. Therefore, I would submit that the Church of the 21st Century is in desperate need of a restoration to become the instrument, which was, is, and will be required by God to accomplish His purposes in the "last days." Yes! It is incumbent upon the Church to gain the necessary insight from the Scriptures in order to fulfill her prophetic calling to the Jew during the "Time of Jacob's Trouble." But, that is the conceptual part of the “whole counsel of God.“ At some point, the time comes when we are brought to the place where we should be compelled to say, “OK! I get it! Now, brethren, what must we do?” Indeed! What must we do? This little book attempts to address this all-important question.


Publication Date
Feb 5, 2013
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Fred London



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