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The Leadership Course

ByFrederick Dodson

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This Manual summarizes all of the lessons from the Leadership Workshop we have been conducting in the last 10 years. It is easily one of the most powerful Manuals on Leadership, Influence, Power and Creation of Reality available and will teach you:* A Scale of Performance by which you can make a precise status-check and find out exactly what the next steps are to higher Performance and Leadership.* Instructions and Exercises to apply the "Power of Context" in your function as a leader of groups, organizations and people for fantastic benefit of yourself, others and the world at large.* A Procedure to magnify your strengths and identify, admit to and overcome your weaknesses. Power is achieved through maximum authenticity. Getting in touch with reality makes you a master of reality.* A procedure to maximize your courage to go forward and initiate as well as to "go were it hurts" and tread where nobody has dared tread before. You will never be a leader if you do not learn to leave your comfort zone on a regular basis. These exercises will help you do just that consistently.* A procedure that will help you develop visions that are bigger than yourself. Follow something bigger than yourself and you will be followed.* Procedures to build integrity, values, virtues, strength of character and other qualities of great Leadership. In this section you learn how to deal with breaks in integrity, broken agreements, transgressions and restore your life energy. Some of the secrets you will learn in this Manual are mind-boggling yet they will change your life forever.


Publication Date
Mar 19, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Frederick Dodson


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Black & White
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