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Evil Stepdaughter (Illustrated) - Losing His Place (Illustrated) - A Husband's Demotion - Chattel

4 Works of Erotic Female Authority

ByDomenic HydeMason Carstairs

Evil Stepdaughter (Illustrated): The tale of a man’s second marriage to an attractive widow and the life-changing effects the hatred for him of that widow’s 18-year-old daughter has upon his life… A life that will soon involve blackmail, subservience, chastity, and sexual service and one from which he will never find the will to escape! Losing His Place (Illustrated): When a loving wife meets a wealthy and dominant Latina shemale disaster strikes for her unemployed but faithful husband. For this particular shemale not only wants the wife in her life on a permanent basis but the unwitting husband too… As their sexual and domestic chattel. A Husband’s Demotion (Text): A wife conspires with her young Indian widow and neighbour to make something considerably less of the once-proud husband they dream of dominating and, in the neighbour’s case, owning… And they have more than enough ammunition to see their warped dreams and intentions realised. Chattel (Text): Divorced, unemployed, and about to have his home repossessed, a man is about at the end of his tether when the wealthy Indian housewife who was his neighbour offers him a lifeline… A lifeline, if he accepts it, that will lead to a life in her service. 4-Works of Erotic Female Authority.


Publication Date
Jul 28, 2020
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By (author): Domenic Hyde, By (author): Mason Carstairs, By (author): Hillary Marshall, By (author): Frederick Hambling



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