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Early Christianity and Marxism

ByThomas RigginsV. I. Lenin

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The similarities between early Christianity and Marxism are incredible. Both hold the hope of improving the plight of humankind. Where Christianity sees a better future in Heaven through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ Marxism sees a better future here on Earth through the worker's struggle for freedom from class exploitation. Presented in chronological order the book begins with an essay by Friedrich Engels comparing the two ideologies. He examines the material and historical roots of Christianity and shows how Marxism has a similar origin and is actually the precursor to Marxism. Lenin then provides his own views on Engels’s hypothesis while explaining the perspective of the Russian communists’ stance towards religion as a whole in the early 1900s. Lastly, Dr. Thomas Riggins writes his contemporary breakdown of both Engels’s work and Lenin’s while contrasting the current developments of Marxism and Christianity up to our day. This brief collection provides a historically progressing snapshot of how material reality moves from one century to the next within the context of these two polarizing social trends. Both Christianity and Marxism have taken huge leaps forward, and giant steps back but both, as with all things, keep progressing and evolving. This book brings us to where we are today in the religious and political landscape by providing a wonderful view of the past as well as posing interesting questions about the future of humanity and the roles that these two world-changing ideologies will play. It is sure to stir up debate and provide delicious food for thought. It is a must-read for Christians and Marxists alike.


Publication Date
Mar 22, 2024
Social Science
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By (author): Thomas Riggins, By (author): V. I. Lenin, By (author): Friedrich Engels


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