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Visions of My Heart: 101 Tales Told In Verse

ByGarikai Nhongo

This book contains one hundred and one poems told from the passionate heart of an ordinary man. This body of work is a journey, so please read it as a journey. It’s a journey of the many conflicting roads my mind and heart have taken. I have been through a lot but my hope is that each piece inspires you in some way. When you laugh or cry, let it be a lesson for your tomorrow. The poems speak of love, sorrow, loss and joy. They speak of happiness and sadness in equal turn. At the end of it all, they bring hope to all who open the pages of this text. Each of the poems are the encapsulation of an aspect of life put down in words. They speak of the journeys of a single man which are also the journeys that we will all travel at some point. Read these with an open heart and an open mind. You will find that they will speak of your journeys as well. If not the journeys that you have travelled already, then these are the journeys that you will travel one day. Learn from them. Feel them. Enjoy them.


Publication Date
Feb 21, 2016
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Garikai Nhongo



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