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The Biased J6 Select Committee

The Public Hearings Were Half a Trial; This Book Gives You the Other Half

ByGary F. Zeolla

The public hearings in the summer and fall of 2022 about the tragic events of January 6, 2021 (J6) were the prosecution presenting its case against Donald J. Trump, with the American public as the jury. But he was not afforded a defense. This book provides that defense. Do not miss how dangerous this precedent was. What if this were you? How would you like it if primetime hearings were held prosecuting you, aired on all major networks, but without you ever being able to present a defense on such a grand scale? But this book presents the other side, so the reader can make an informed decision about J6 and Trump’s role in it. With Trump running for President in 2024, this book and the previous four books in this series will remain relevant for a long time to come. His opponents for the GOP nomination are sure to bring up Trump’s claims of 2020 election fraud and J6. And if he wins the nomination, his Dem rival are sure to bring them up even more. And with a special counsel now appointed to investigate these matters, this book will enable the reader to see what the investigator is sure to consider and decide for yourself if charges are in fact warranted.


Publication Date
Nov 19, 2022
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Gary F. Zeolla



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