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Trump’s 2020 Election Tweets, Georgia Phone Call, and January 2021 Speeches

Trump’s 2020 Election Tweets, Georgia Phone Call, and January 2021 Speeches

Did Trump’s Claims of Election Fraud Lead to the Capitol Building Uprising?

ByGary F. Zeolla

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This book reproduces tweets and retweets by Donald J. Trump from November 2, 2020, the day before Election Day, to January 8, 2021, the day Trump was permanently banned from Twitter. With that ban, this book will serve as a record of his final two months plus of tweets. This book also covers a controversial phone call by Trump and the major speeches Trump gave in January 2021. That phone call and those speeches expand upon his tweets. The tweets and retweets in this book are presented in chronological order. Most of the tweets are about the 2020 election. But some are about other topics. Those have also been included. Many of the election-related tweets were marked by Twitter with the disclaimer, “This claim about election fraud is disputed.” I have not always included this declaimer, but it is important to remember. Many of Trump’s claims in his tweets about fraud or irregularities in the 2020 election are indeed disputed. The same goes for Trump’s claims in his Georgia phone call and speeches. This does not necessarily mean they are false. But evidence needs to be provided to support them, and that is lacking in many cases. In my comments, I will mention which grievances are valid, which are not, and which are difficult to determine their validity. I also provide background information for the tweets or comments as needed. But whether valid or not, Trump’s claims of election fraud were said to have led to an insurrection in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. I call that event the “Capitol Building Uprising,” for reasons that will be explained later. But here, reading this book will help the reader to decide if in fact Trump’s tweets and speeches led to that tragic event.


Publication Date
Mar 30, 2021
Social Science
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By (author): Gary F. Zeolla


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