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Classic World War II Miniature Wargaming & Update in Color with Landscape-View Charts

ByMike ReeseLeon Tucker

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One of the most detailed and realistic wargame rulesets for World War II miniatures (all scales). Updated rules include both 1st edition and the Little Wars Modifications as options. Detailed Direct Fire Mode for armored combat, Infantry combat with condensed version, Indirect FIre Mode for long-range guns, howitzers, and mortars with new updated Artillery Rules for barrages. This ruleset has 45 Landscape View charts at the back of the book. The charts are the same as Chart Supplement 1. Standard color with coil binding 232 pages. For explanation of the rulebook options, see Updates include: Turn Sequence, the Modified sequence has been elaborated so fully that it is an Updated edition. We recommend using terrain-look markers to track the state of various elements of troops and vehicles Opportunity Fire Getting Stuck in rough terrain and snow Command Distance and Orders searchless Concealment & Detection Unit Quality (Veterans & Inept) 38% more armored fighting vehicles (226 total including Canada, Hungary, Japan, Poland, and Romania) plus Remote Controlled Demolition AFV types (like Goliath), several types of wheeled vehicles, and specialized half-tracks Vehicle Data highlights armor thicknesses, special and essential features are more clearly labeled like turret rotation (or casemate or self-propelled), track size relating to Getting Stuck, vehicle height (Low-Silhouette and Large-Tank); weight categories related to rules like Getting Stuck, Hedgerow busting, mine damage; an expanded list of Abbreviations, and a Vehicle Index 21% more gun penetration tables (bore/caliber) and updated stats Artillery rules have been completely Updated onto one pull-out page, although it is worth noting that the Classic and Modified versions are clarified and slimmed down to two pages each from four. One had to wade thru dense text before. Engineering updates include incremental damage on Buildings and Bridges plus how to categorize the latter. Trajectories and terrain are explained and diagrammed. Morale and Command flexibility adjustments by Nationality Special Rules have been expanded to include Night and Weather plus more Aircraft, Air Superiority, and Anti-Aircraft rules. It is important to note what is not updated: modern rules and vehicles. Larger print, consolidated tables with high production values Section of examples to explain how the rules work. Detailed table of contents, page references in the text, and index. Illustrated.


Publication Date
Dec 30, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mike Reese, By (author): Leon Tucker, By (author): Gary Gygax


Coil Bound
Interior Color
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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