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An Awakening Perspective

My Journey To Conscious Evolution

ByGary Hinebaugh

'An Awakening Perspective' is a personal story of overcoming unsurmountable odds suffered from a major stroke, and the processes I learned to rise above probable death, permanent brain damage, and paralysis. This is my personal journey of conscious evolution and triumph over limitations to become my authentic, limitless self. I live the very words I bring to you, not as a concept, but a reality and way of life. This is a defining text of what the Awakening Process truly is, by learning how to trust and believe in yourself on an unimaginable level, while knowing how to live every aspect of your life from the heart. Going beyond accepted ideas of spirituality, this book is a guide on how to know yourself to depths understood by ancient civilizations, and through self-mastery meeting your Divine self, and ensuring your evolution on your Awakening Journey. Gary brings a unique perspective through his own deep healing experiences and higher dimensional wisdom. Coming from an ancient druidic lineage of gifted healers, he is able to see into the body, mind, and spirit, acting as a conduit between the higher self and the 3D self. With grace and compassion, he is able to help his readers face themselves, finding their strength and courage within to make the life changes they need to evolve.


Publication Date
Sep 14, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Gary Hinebaugh



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