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Creationist Diet: Second Edition Comprehensive Guide to Bible and Science Based Nutrition

ByGary Zeolla

What did God give to human beings for food? What does the Bible teach about diet and nutrition? How do the Biblical teachings on foods compare to scientific research on nutrition and the relationship of diet to degenerative disease like heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis? These and other questions are addressed in this book. Starting with God’s decrees about foods at Creation, in the Garden of Eden, after the Fall, and after the Flood, and gleaning nutrition information from the rest of the Bible, this book proposes four different possible Creationist Diets, presenting the pros and cons of each. These different possible diets are also correlated with scientific research. In this way, information is given to help the reader to decide on what type of diet would be best for you personally. In addition, foods are divided into “God-given foods” and “not God-given foods.” These lists are compared to what foods scientific research has shown to increase or decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Thus the reader can know what foods to include in your own diet and what foods to avoid. This Second Edition is 2-1/2 times as long as the First Edition. Along with being much longer, this Second Edition presents a different perspective on diet. The First Edition mostly advocated a vegan diet, while this Second Edition also advocates for a diet that includes animal foods. But, and this is very important, those animal foods are to be what are called “old-fashioned” meats, dairy, and eggs, not the “factory farm” products that most people eat. What is meant by these two terms and the incredible difference between them is explained in this book. About the Author: The author has a B.S. in Nutrition Science (Penn State; 1983) and attended Denver Seminary from 1988-1990. Zeolla is the director, webmaster, and primary writer for his four websites: personal website ( Darkness to Light Christian Ministry ( Fitness for One and All ( Biblical and Constitutional Politics ( Zeolla is the translator of the Analytical-Literal Translation of the Bible and the author of over 30 Christian, fitness, and politics books. He is also a powerlifter, holding fifteen All-time world records and over 100 federation records. A detailed autobiography is available on his personal website. Details on these writings are found in Appendixes One and Two.


Publication Date
May 9, 2017
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Gary Zeolla



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