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101 POWERFUL TIPS for LEGALLY Improving Your Credit Score

ByGene Saunders

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There are many misconceptions about credit scores and these sorts of misconceptions can hurt your chances at jobs, good interest rates, and getting some apartments. If you have a bank account and bills, then you have a credit score, and your credit score matters more than you might think. Every time you apply for credit, a job that requires you to handle money, or apply for some more exclusive type of apartment, your credit score is checked. Your credit score lets lenders know quickly how much of a credit risk you are. Based on this credit score, lenders decide whether to trust you financially - and give you better rates when you apply for a loan. Apartment managers can use your credit score to decide whether you can be trusted to pay your rent on time. Employers can use your credit score to decide whether you can be trusted in a high-responsibility job that requires you to handle money. The following 101 tips can get you well on your way to boosting your credit score and saving you money.


Publication Date
Dec 7, 2010
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Gene Saunders


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