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The Tao of Religion

ByGeorge Rapanos

The Tao of Religion is a “source book” dealing with religious transcendence...the “paradox” is beyond the secular and the religious, the finite and the infinite, and falls very much into Eastern and Western concepts of transcendence. The paradoxes serve to highlight the inherent limitations of our mind, and mark off in some way the boundaries of the unknown territory where God dwells. It is not my intent to reveal a set of truths about God, as much as it is an attempt to convey through prose, poetry, quotations, parables and figures of mythological importance the intuition of reality that touches the heart, and burns and stirs the soul. The book evolved from a religious revelation which I had in 1984, and is an anguished, forthright attempt to come to grips with the religious issues which I found hostile and unfriendly and contained in daily life. It is both a spiritual affirmation of my faith and an encouragement to those who wish to follow a path that may lead them to spiritual fulfillment.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): George Rapanos



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