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The Best Way to Stay Healthy: Stay as Far Away From Doctors as You Can; The New Combined Volumes 1 and 2

ByGeorge Steele MD

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In Volume 1 we explore aging and how a large waist predicts health problems such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Then we discuss how in starving yourself (dieting) you lose muscle as well as fat, while if you reduce calories by eliminating sugar and starch you actually gain muscle and lose only fat. The Mediterranean Hunter-Gatherer diet is presented as one way to become lean and healthy again. This diet is rich in the healthy oils including fish oils, nut oils, olive oil and grapeseed oil. It also encourages eating lots of green leafy vegetables as well as meat, fish and poultry and some nuts and berries. Volume 2 encourages us to accept ourselves as already healed. In that act can we begin to actually heal our mind, body and spirit. Fear and guilt harm our bodies. The Trappist monks referred to fear and guilt as the 8th and 9th deadly sins, producing separation of each of us from God, our communities, and even ourselves.


Publication Date
Feb 25, 2007
Health & Fitness
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By (author): George Steele MD


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Black & White
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