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Professional Tele-Marketing Skills

ByGerard Assey

Professional Tele-Marketing Skills-The Master Guide to Selling on Phone has been uniquely designed, to help transform you into a Master Tele-Marketer by helping you discover the secrets that drive the world's top tele-sales professionals. It will help you or your team create the habits and lasting changes by enabling you replace current unacceptable patterns that are costing your company sales with new ones, that will now help you achieve your sales goals faster and more consistently. The world over is adjusting to COVID, with social distancing orders having compelled people to find alternatives to face-to-face meetings, by working from homes or remote locations. As a result, telemarketing solutions have never been more popular than this time, as in order to conduct business without disruption, professionals and businesses have now turned more than ever before to tele-calling to stay connected with their team members and customers. The entire book has been split into several step by step, easy and digestible modules, to help you take back and put to practice each step into a real life situation. That way these skills that you will learn will stay with you, enabling you to become more professional and successful in a sales role using the phone, that will help 'win and keep customers for life'! You will be able to: Derive the benefits from the effectiveness of consultative selling and how different it is from the traditional sales approach, Learn how to guide prospects through the buying process, Proven behaviors that make you stand out as a telesales professional, A thorough understanding of the attributes and activities of a professional telesales person, Effectively prepare for any telesales call, Make cold calls in a professional manner, right from handling gate-keepers and getting through to the right decision-makers, Be able to manage your data and lists much better, Build rapport and trust with a customer right during the approaching stage itself. Effectively uncover a customer's needs, problems and opportunities and be able to demonstrate how your product features can help a customer meet a need/solve a problem (proving value). Overcome objections, cope with turn-downs, rejection or call reluctance, Be able to recommend an appropriate solution (recommending) and close business deals effectively after showing a customer how specific business objectives can be met and benefit by using your recommended product or service (closing) & sell B2B & key accts


Publication Date
Aug 24, 2021
Business & Economics
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By (author): Gerard Assey



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