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"No" Problem

ByGerard Miles

The book is entitled "No" Problem, understanding and using a problem solving process. The book is written by Gerard R. Miles Sr. who instructed over 1500 life skills groups consisting of: Problem Solving, Communication skills, Assertion training, Listening skills, Dual diagnosis, Drug & Alcohol prevention and Relaxation & Stress management and 8 years as a H.R. training specialist. The author pulled the best information & focused on Problems and the Problem Solving Process. This book is designed to be easily understood and comprehended. This book offers students an edge with our current education systems & can be used as a powerful tool in group therapies or as a stand alone book. The book encourages discussion & deep thought and ends with an excellent group project. This book is creatively designed for the individual reader. If you are feeling overwhelmed, have low self-esteem, have a hard time making decisions, have no confidence, then you need to read this book! It's time to make those changes!


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): Gerard Miles



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