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The Curse of the Sourlands

ByGerard Telmosse

An exciting story about three teenagers training for the MS150 City to Shore bike ride and their adventures along the way in the Sourland Mountains of New Jersey. The trio stumbles on an old tree and a rock containing pictogyphs from the Lenni Lenape Indians describing a god who has a striking resemblance to the Jersey Devil. They also find an old springhouse that contains a secret set of servers belonging to an illegal gambling website. When they use a robot to discover the contents of the spring-house and accidentally discover something that could change the course of History, their curiosity almost gets them in trouble with the owners of the website but some quick thinking and riding save the day. As they ride they learn about the Lindbergh kidnapping and visit the site of the kidnapping and the location where the kidnapped babies body was discovered along with the facts and controversy that to this day have scholars questioning what really transpired that fateful night in March.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Gerard Telmosse



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