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Questions, Reflections & Answers

ByGermain Decelles

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You want to discover how to be successful in life! Of course, we all want to succeed in life. We all want to be able to live our dream life away from all the struggles and constant worry of our everyday problems. We all have different definitions of success, but for most people, success can mean that you want to live a happy, wealthy, contented and overall, a better life than the one you are currently living in, especially if it is far from the life you expected. If now you are not there yet, or you would like to be there, and you feel within yourself that you will succeed by putting in the necessary effort to achieve your goals, then it will eventually happen. Now however you define success whether financial, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, philanthropic, community or family, the most important thing you need to know about success to be successful is that success is important and that you are solely responsible for it. You need to dig deep into your life story to understand who you are as a human being, where you fit into this world, how you can positively impact the world, and how you can leave a lasting legacy. This is the goal of « My Success is Your Success » which will help you develop a clear and detailed plan for your personal growth, success, and happiness in life. Here it is a guide of questions, reflections, and answers. I encourage you to be completely open and transparent with yourself as you answer the difficult and challenging questions you will ask yourself about who you think you should be in the future. At this point, it is important to keep in mind that changing your life for a better destiny is solely up to you!


Publication Date
Nov 30, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Germain Decelles


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