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Thinkibility - Positive & Negative

ByGijs van Beeck Calkoen & Åsa Jomård

A CURIOUS and CREATIVE person gets the same pleasure from exploring risks and searching for opportunities. With tricks, tips, tales and links to wiki's, lectures, free books, instructional films, poems, website and puzzles, THINKIBILITY will open your mind to explore logical-negative and logical-positive thinking. Interspersed with musical fragments and Mind Maps to increase the fun of reading, recall and concentration. Through fun and thoughtful examples and exercises, you will explore ideas from sociology, psychology, social psychology, mathematics and business studies. The eBook is a continuation of part I, which elaborates on Edward de Bono's the Six Thinking Hats (free download). “Imagine that you start to discover things you did not know existed in the deep dark sea. . . You are confident because you have trained the skills needed to survive in these harsh surroundings. Still you are curious and a bit nervous as always when you THINK DIVE". Happy Exploration!


Publication Date
Jan 13, 2013
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By (author): Gijs van Beeck Calkoen & Åsa Jomård



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