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The Seventh Gift

ByGil Jackson

AN ILLUMINATI. A DARK ENTICEMENT 'Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,' says the Lord. And as the Lord has to be seen to be merciful, it has to be others that will carry out this vengeance. His second-in-command for one. Holy ghost, Divine spirit, call it what you will, given its orders it will be ruthless. For it's this same spirit, first recorded on earth at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth that an Illuminati using ultimate sin will entice a return to earth. Now meet Charlie O’Hare. Born Ireland, 1890. A Catholic. And Frank Weinberg. A native New Yorker, 1886. Jewish. O’Hare’s a sergeant. Weinberg, his lieutenant. Both work for the police department on New York’s Lower East Side. It’s the 1920s. Poverty and human rights are dire. Handling New York's crime, well, that was their job. But corruption, from their own department, that was crap, plain and simple. When it involved the commissioner-of-police - 'our boss for chrissake' - they were on a hiding to nothing. Then . . . An immigrant couple have their daughter abducted by a gangster union boss in revenge for the husband's 'troublemaking' in the docks. When O’Hare and Weinberg's investigations lead to the commissioner-of-police being involved; and when they refuse to pull those investigations, it's not just their jobs on the line, orders are to take them out. The Illuminati have long fingers. A full menu? Not quite. Add a killer angel into the mix. Then bring in the meddler known as Satan for restaurant earth to truly open. Then threaten apocalyptic closure by the spirit. Now it's for the US President, Henry Clancy Montgomery III to make a final decision. To run with Satan, or allow an apocalypse and keep man's soul intact. So begins a three-generational probe into a child abduction ring; and one that goes to the heart of an Illuminati controlled government department. Buy your copy of THE SEVENTH GIFT today and begin your adventure with this Paranormal Apocalyptic Crime Horror that’s Stylish! Sharp! and Grippingly! out of this world; a book that will blow your mind. CUSTOMER REVIEWS Great characters although some you woud never want to meet . . . Truly gritty and deep and not a light read. Great characters although some you would never want to meet in real life with shocker cliff hangers throughout. On the edge of my seat with this dark story with a real depth to it. Would definitely read it again.


Publication Date
Oct 20, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Gil Jackson



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