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Smartphone and Tablet - Eliminate Stress and Tension of Use

Smartphone and Tablet - Eliminate Stress and Tension of Use

ByLoris MassaroGiorgia Bisognin

STRESS-FREE VIEWING AND POSTURE Quick techniques to counteract: • Mental fatigue • Distraction and confusion • Back pains • Neck and shoulders tension • Soreness hands and fingers • Tension feet and posture Experiencing well-being and the vital energy of our body is something we all want. In the world we live we are caught between the needs of study, work and daily habits that make this very difficult. Just think of all the times we find ourselves bent and twisted over the screen of our smartphone or tablet, staring at a monitor that for hours forces us into incorrect positions and viewing, so much so as to create continuous stress and tension that may even become reflex pain. That is why Loris Massaro and Giorgia Bisognin have developed a method to help us regain vitality and energy, eliminating the fatigue and stress we build up hour after hour every day. The tensions and soreness that we feel as soon as we get up from our session or when we try to find a correct position do not simply disappear on their own. But what if it took just simple gestures to eliminate this soreness. The techniques presented in this wellness manual help you overcome hours of stress and tension and bring relief that you have never experienced before. A way of standing up, putting yourself into motion and in just a few minutes finding yourself in a situation of comfort, as though you had just returned from a relaxing walk. All it takes is just few minutes to make our moments effective, totally transforming our daily life, rediscovering well-being and releasing mental and physical energy.


Publication Date
May 16, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Loris Massaro, By (author): Giorgia Bisognin



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