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Marxism or Capitalism? Discover Economic Optimalism

ByGiuseppe Gori

Optimalism is a new approach to government, not positioned to the right or the left on the political scale, but based on facts, science, logic, experience and truth. How much government do we really need? Optimalism answers that question and much more: It proposes an efficient government. Most politicians know that their economic choices are far from optimum for the country and are in fact at the limit of (as bad as) the country can bear. Optimalism applied to taxation will increase government revenue, while at the same time reduce the cost of submission and collection of taxes. There are enough concepts in this book to prompt a second renaissance by improving the way we govern, to allow for a prosperous and just society and help reconcile socialism and conservatism: It provides for the best social programs and it allows for a required level of investment in government. It also guarantees the lowest possible taxation level, the maximum creation of wealth and a limit to the growth of government.


Publication Date
Jan 9, 2010
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By (author): Giuseppe Gori



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