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Faithmare: A Collision of Religion and Horror

ByGary HillHeath D. Alberts

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Gary Hill’s anthology, "Faithmare: A Collision of Religion and Horror" is truly a unique compilation—new from Tales of Wonder and Dread Publishing. As the title specifies, this collection is a “collision” of tales and poetry having to do with various intersections of religions (by no means all “orthodox”) and the realms of the horrific. A compendium of contemporary and “classic” horror tales, the unifying theme is some connection to a religious belief. This, of course, invites the sub-genre of horror we call “The Occult.” This special branch presupposes, and we might argue “reinforces” a belief in some variety of religion (across different faiths and denominations). After all, if genuine Forces of Evil exist in the world, does that not argue for the existence of Forces of Good? This unusual tome brings together a series of religious chillers that is a veritable cornucopia of creative concepts on the theme. A short poem by Glenn Tilson, “The Children’s Shrine,” provides a chilling suggestion of something “unholy, yet divine.” “Anchorite,” by Heath D. Alberts provides a unique twist on the old topic of the Quest for Eternal Life. The collection’s editor and publisher, Gary Hill, adds “The Debut Tour.” A rock music scene reporter discovers a startling and horrible truth about the music and lyrics of a popular band. It brings in a touch of the Cthuluvian with a connection to “the old gods.” “The Day New York Went Silent” by Alexander Ciochetti brings to an horrific modern setting a demonic entity with ties to the Salem Witch Trial era. Del Merritt’s story, “The Hillside Altar,” relates a horrific series of abnormal and inexplicable delusions faced by a young girl. Inexplicable that is, until a terrible truth about what’s ailing her is revealed. Gary Hill provides a second tale with his “Rite of Passage,” which offers a chilling story somewhat reminiscent of Shirley Jackson’s famous “The Lottery.” The story leads inexorably to the finale and the horrifying details of “the rite of passage.” ...All in all, Faithmare: A Collision of Religion and Horror is a fine assemblage of modern and established classic masters of the weird and horrific. It is well worth a perusal—if one is prepared to experience chills and shudders. - Frank Coffman; Poet, author, publisher of Mind’s Eye Publications Classic authors featured are Robert E. Chambers, M.R. James, H.P. Lovecraft and Arthur Machen.


Publication Date
Mar 15, 2022
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By (author): Gary Hill, By (author): Heath D. Alberts, By (author): Alexander Ciochetti, By (author): Del Merritt, By (author): Glenn Tilson


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