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Children of Tomorrow:God's Plan for His Children

ByBenny JonesGlenna Jones

God is creating a race of sons and daughters to live with Him. These are His Children of Tomorrow. Everything that we have gone through since Adam first walked in the garden, had this as its focus. When Jesus was resurrected, He became the prototype of a new man in the Earth. At salvation, you receive a christ spirit, designed to bring your soul to maturity. You are now a new creature like Him. Our task now is to learn who we are and to change from glory to glory until we reflect Him. It's time for you to learn to walk as the overcomer that God says you are. Before anything was created, The Father established a Structured Plan of Design that guarantees your success and He is releasing the revelation needed to learn to walk in spirit as never before. The more you understand His plan for your life and that He desires all of His children to be saved, the easier it will be to walk in the victory He has prepared for you. It is time to make ready a people prepared for the return of the Lord!


Publication Date
Sep 16, 2017
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Benny Jones, By (author): Glenna Jones



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