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A Glimpse Into A Quarter of A Queer Teenager’s Life

The Reality, The Art, & The Unfortunate Fantasy

ByGrace Almaraz

In this anthology, readers understand the importance of acceptance and representation while learning the small complexities of anxiety and trauma. The nonfiction story helps the readers imagine what kind of calm the author searches for. This story about the school library allows the reader to take a glimpse into peace before they go into the eye of the storm. The poem, created in the midst of family drama, shows the readers more of what it is like to be a queer teenager, especially with a conservative religious family. Imbued with religious trauma and longing for family relationships, this poem offers a part of the author’s life for readers to identify with. The final story, a murder mystery, invites the reader to imagine stories they already enjoy with diverse and interesting characters. Mandy, a 16-year-old girl and her non-binary best friend, Jess, try to solve a recent cold case with a few odd friends, making them the real victims. With each story, comes a part of everyday queerness that feels familiar to LGBTQ+ teens everywhere.


Publication Date
May 20, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Grace Almaraz



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