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Tapping Into Your Spiritual Lighthouse

ByGraceWatcher of Sakin'el

Here are my thoughts, my ideas, my feelings, my fears. I write as I see it. No one can for go for like the divine can. In this time, in this place is a reality. Only the soul can understand this. For I have grown. Hang around my thoughts, and you will see what I have brough forth from the inner beings of my heart. As you journey here don't judge. For we all have a destination. We all have a goal. Once we reach it, then its time to start again. Time to grow. Time to enjoy. Stay awhile. This is the reality as I see it. Come join with me into the riches of the cosmos. Let us journey into the mind of the universe. What we shall find will increase our awareness of realities beyond the reaches of our minds. We are all divine sparks of God. Let me show you how to tap into the deep mind and awareness of ageless wisdom. Once you learn these, you never will never be the same again. These are my poetic thoughts placed in the vastness of these pages.


Publication Date
Oct 2, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): GraceWatcher of Sakin'el



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