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Fall of the Elves

ByGraham Hassell

He is the last, best hope of the Elves. Ice trolls have killed the father of young Fond Kinfalden, and the mantle of High Captain has fallen on his shoulders. Now he must take up his father's task: rid the Elven lands of the fearsome trolls – or die trying. Mustering the last great Elven army, Fond sets out on his quest with the archer Larista, his betrothed, at his side. Bloodshed and treachery test the young captain at every turn. To survive, he must depend on an assortment of allies: a company of Elven friends, a cohort of creatures from the realms of myth, and the mysterious forms of a tiger and a bird. Wielding swords and spears – and magical forces of water and fire – Fond and his companions move ever closer to a final confrontation. As the quest reaches its climax, the young captain must face a foe beyond his stength, travel to a realm beyond his life, and embrace a fate beyond his imagining.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Graham Hassell



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