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Blood Memory

Solar Minimum - Book 4

ByGreg T Meyers

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London has fallen and without Matthew and the Ravenguard, the Kingdom pieces together a tired and battle-worn resistance to the relentless attacks of Toprak Esir, now razor-focused on taking Queen Veronica and Wales. The newly restored Conwy Castle is the greatest prize in the Kingdom, but in a dark church graveyard, Jess learns Horsa's true interest in Wales has a much darker purpose and centers around a medieval grave bearing only the haunting words, "We are seven." After being defeated by the pearl rain, Horsa watches Jess disappear in the the midnight forest wondering how the Bishop had become so powerful without his notice. He is forced to deal with Jess much sooner than he had planned, which set chaos in motion and the cost for Horsa is great. After the total destruction of Conwy, Veronica goes missing and England fears the worst. Drunk on revenge, Horsa sets his war harbingers on the Archbishop of Canterbury and a battle between the two most powerful men in the world is staged; a Goliah vs Goliah finale. While Ted swings in a traitor's noose in Woodsome, Jess learns the secret of Horsa's power through the brutal gift of blood memory but it appears his knowledge will die with him as an Immureatory Ceremony is planned to solve the Bishop problem once and for all.


Publication Date
Sep 24, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Greg T Meyers


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
Novella (5 x 8 in / 127 x 203 mm)

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