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A (NOT) So Random Walk on Wall Street.

A No-Nonsense Framework on How to Beat the Market and Create Wealth.

ByGregory Mannarino

If there were ever a must have book for anyone who wants to understand and profit from the stock market THIS IS IT! This book contains real insider insight as to how the market really works and most importantly, how to capitalize on it. Trading secrets, the ones Wall Street pros do not want you to know are explicitly detailed. Markets, stocks, derivatives, cryptocurrencies, gold, silver, and more are all covered here. Is it possible to foresee events which are about to occur in the market or an individual stock? Just imagine if you knew “the secret” to predicting stock market events before they happened-just like the Wall Street banks do with a high degree of accuracy- well you can! And it is in this book. “A (Not) So Random Walk on Wall Street” written by Pro trader Gregory Mannarino needs to be in your trading arsenal today. Either you run with the Lions or get eaten by them.


Publication Date
Dec 27, 2020
Business & Economics
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Gregory Mannarino



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