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Not Just That Girl With CP

ByHailey Shaw

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“I don’t want to be invisible anymore!” Hailey Shaw is feisty, funny, and brimming with liveliness, but that’s not what most people see, at least right away. As she puts it, “Most of who I am is hidden away in a place where you can’t see me …” Not that she wants it that way — Hailey’s life changed in her first moments of birth, when a catastrophic accident led to the neurological disorder called cerebral palsy. Now Hailey is fighting back. In her frank and painfully honest book she shares her journey to be recognized as a young woman who is eager to plunge into life, to be accepted, and to find love. Will people be able to look beyond her wheelchair and strained and difficult speech? Will she ever be more than just that girl with CP? While her radiant smile is genuine, so is the discouragement Hailey has suffered from being misunderstood and discounted by teachers, friends, and sometimes, even family. Hailey also shares her deep and inspiring faith in God, who rescued her from depression and thoughts of suicide, and opened up the doors of friendship, reconciliation with family, and a new life of hope. Her faith has led to new dreams, including a future career as an advocate for the disabled, and the dream which you hold in your hands now — Hailey’s own life story, and her determination to be invisible no more.


Publication Date
Jul 30, 2021
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Hailey Shaw


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