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We Were Told There Would Be Angels

ByHal Harris

Can any living human being speak for a deity? Are we squandering precious time and energy searching for unattainable wisdom via the promises of religion? More importantly, can we continue to tolerate openly dangerous ideas merely because they come swathed in the tinsel of faith? These are some of the pivotal concepts examined in We were Told There Would be Angels. As a follow-up to Banging Your Head Against Heaven, this book again attempts to open a much-needed conversation by taking a lighthearted, commonsense look at the enormous influence organized religion exerts on our culture. Granting legitimacy to views that are unfounded and wholly open to interpretation unlocks an enormous danger to civilization, especially considering that the technology to bring about the destruction of the human race is now within reach. The collision between technology and religious extremism is inevitable. Can we alter the outcome? Or, are we on a nonstop flight to judgment day for humankind?


Publication Date
Nov 3, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): Hal Harris



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