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Family Photograph Albums 1855-1910

Family Photograph Albums 1855-1910

ByHarold A Ralston

Our family has three vintage photograph albums passed down from grandparents that lived in the Burlington and Rochester area located at the west end of Racine County, Wisconsin. Most of the photographs are sepia colored paper mounted on card backing. A few are tintype metal images mounted in paper enclosures. Copies are shown in this book. Our grandparents were Clara L Goff Belden and Louis A Belden. Her parents were Wm J Goff and Emma J Ball; his were Allen H Belden and Ella A Robertson. Relatives and friends are the primary photographic subjects. Photographs are from studios located in Beaver Dam, Burlington, Hartford, Madison, Racine, Portage, Rochester, Milwaukee and Whitewater, WI. Others are in Shelburne Falls MA, Madison SD, and Albert Lea MN. Among the studios named are; Anderson, Billings, Clench, Cook-Ely, Hatch, Kellogg, Kesler, Marquis, Palmer, Patch, Riel, Sunderland, Taylor, Thomas, Wagner and Wilkins. Some of the photographs are identified either on the front or back. If you can help with those not identified, please let me know.


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Aug 29, 2020
Art & Photography
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By (author): Harold A Ralston



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