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Flying Saucers on the moon

ByHarold T. WilkinsCarlos Allende

Harold Tom Wilkins (June 1891 – 1960) was a British journalist known for his books on adventures, fortean research, and historic claims about Atlantis and South America. In the 1950s he published books claiming that UFOs are hostile. Wilkins also wrote about White Gods, writing that a vanished white race had occupied the whole of South America in ancient times. Wilkins in his Mysteries of Ancient South America (1945) compiled further accounts of similar sightings of "White Indians" in the Amazon Rainforest from the 16th to 19th century by explorers and Jesuits. Wilkins was also an influence on the hollow earth theory, as he located the descendants of Atlantis to tunnels in South America, especially in Brazil; he also discussed tunnels in other locations such as the Andes. In 1953, the author published Flying Saucers on the moon. In this book, the author recounts recent events at the time of the writing, i.e., Foo Fighters, Maury Island Incident, Kenneth Arnold, and he goes back to history and cites anomalous aerial phenomena from antiquity. The book is aimed at True Believers; however, even the skeptic will enjoy reading it. One neat thing about reading these older books is that they offer the reader a glimpse into the mindset of what was then contemporary times. The author discussed several aspects of the flying saucers in the chapters on this title that are: A FOREWORD AND A WARNING; MYSTERIES BETWEEN THE WORLD WARS; THE COMING OF THE FOO FIGHTERS; A VAST BAT-LIKE MACHINE; HAVE THE SAUCER-MEN TERRESTRIAL SPIES? THE MARTIAN CAT AMONG THE PIGEONS; COLOSSAL DEATH RAY AEROFORM; BRITAIN'S NAVY AND AIR FORCE AWAKENED; FLYING SAUCER OF OTHER DAYS; WHAT ON EARTH WAS IT?; SPACE SHIPS, THE MOON, MARS, AND VENUS; HAVE THE FLYING SAUCERS EVER LANDED?; THE SHADOW OF THE UNKNOWN; INTERPLANETARY TRAVEL THE RED LIGHT; APPENDIX; BIBLIOGRAPHY. This title is an authentic and exact reproduction (facsimile copy) of the original title printed text in shades of gray. IMPORTANT, although we have attempted to maintain the integrity of the material accurately, the present reproduction has missing and blurred pages, poor pictures from the original scanned copy. This book have been formatted from its original version for publication. Because this material is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment to protect, preserve and promote knowledge in the world. Please copy and paste the link for our books:


Publication Date
Mar 23, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Harold T. Wilkins, Edited by: Carlos Allende



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