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Ms Davina Dwarf vs Gargantuan Goliath

ByHaving a Legal Battle

<p> <b>Debt collectors have awesome powers</b>. They can sue you, issue summonses & judgments against you without your knowledge, take out orders without informing you, ignore Judge directives & kick you out of your home.</p><p> According to guidelines recommended by the ACCC and ASIC it's not supposed to be that way.</p><p> ACMS aka AVCO are on the verge of kicking me out of my home for what was once a debt on my MYER card for an air-conditioner.</p><p> I'm very fri**n scared; stressed to the max. And I don't know what to do - or what can be done. I'm on a disability pension with limited work capacity. I cannot borrow in such circumstances. And I don't want to lose my home. </p><p> I aint slept or eaten much either for a while now. I compiled a Report so I could get my head around this stuff. Then I thought, "WTF"..... and decided to publish the damn thing. </p><p> <b> Read 4 free; </b>if you're inclined buy a paid edition to help me escape this nightmare !</p><p> <b> CAN U HELP.</b></p>


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Aug 27, 2007
Business & Economics
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By (author): Having a Legal Battle



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